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Qualified crime scene cleaning, mould and mildew abatement and biological decontamination

We support you also where conventional cleaning is not sufficient

In addition to the conventional building cleaning, we also take on more difficult cases such as the professional mould and mildew abatement or crime scene cleaning.
We are a specialized company of the Düsseldorf trade guild and have more than forty years of experience. Our qualified employees have a high level of expertise even with difficult requirements and are always open to wishes of our customers. Convince yourself of our extensive range of services and performance and trust in our discretion and reliability.

Competent and thorough – with the best price/performance ratio

Since 1975, we offer our clients services in the area of traditional building and window cleaning. This also comprises the cleaning of furnishing textiles such as carpets, curtains or upholstery as well as the glass cleaning of façades, roofs and winter gardens.
In particular, we are needed where a normal thorough cleaning is not sufficient. Our hygiene service in Düsseldorf provides professional mould and mildew abatement by suitable disinfection measures and the elimination of the causes of fungal attack. In addition, we are experts in the cleaning of corpse sites and decontamination by all pathogens.

We provide support in the following situations:

  • Crime scene cleaning

  • Special cleaning

  • Biological decontamination

  • Mould and mildew abatement

  • Odour neutralisation

  • Cleaning after compulsive hoarding

… and in many other areas of performance


“We start where others stop.”

Do you have questions about our services or would you like to commission us directly? Just use our contact form to get in touch!


A team you can rely on

In sensitive cases such as crime scene cleaning, it is particularly important, apart from the use of professional and effective cleaning methods, that those affected can fully rely on the service provider. We not only stand for technical competence, high quality and a wide range of services, we are a team that holds together and guarantees our customers absolute discretion and reliability. Services which cannot be provided by us – for instance pest control – will be forwarded to professionals.


The NRZ reports about totzauer services

We are pleased about an article in the NRZ. It reports about our activity as a crime scene cleaner.

HERE you can read the article