Your specialist in crime scene cleaning, mould and mildew abatement and disinfection

Glass and building cleaning with more than 40 years experience

Established in 1975, the company totzauer services is now run by the second generation. We started our work as a traditional glass and building cleaning company, but later extended our specialisation to the biological decontamination. This also includes areas such as crime scene cleaning, special cleaning, all kinds of desinfection or mould and mildew abatement. We are your reliable partner when it comes to extensive elimination of pathogens. As a specialised company, our services are of course officially tested and certified.

We start where others stop

Our motto is our program. The services we offer are not always easy to perform. Their execution requires special staff. Our team of qualified employees has a high level of technical competence and is always eager to find the best possible solution for your personal case. You can count on absolute discretion, reliability and helpfulness of our employees.