Crime scene cleaning and corpse site cleaning

Thorough, discreet and reliable

As a company with officially certified personnel, we specialize in the areas of crime scene cleaning and decontamination of accident and corpse sites after suicide, crime, accident and natural death. This means not only removing the visible traces of such a disaster, but also eliminating possible health hazards, which can be significant.

Professional cleaning and decontamination

Our activities include disinfection, removal of tissue residues, blood and other body fluids, and neutralisation of unwanted, sometimes very stubborn odours. After the preventive disinfection of the room air, the surfaces and textiles are thoroughly cleaned. Objects that cannot be cleaned, are properly disposed of by us. In order to kill all remaining pathogens, we carry out a final disinfection of the rooms. Our customers can rely on our decades of experience and the use of highly effective aids – with a reasonable price-performance ratio.