Intensive and sustainable mould and mildew abatement

Safety for home and health

Mould in homes or commercial spaces is often the result of excessive humidity. The cause may be lack of ventilation, but also water damage. In any case, mould is to be taken seriously, because it involves great risks to health and in the long run can also severely damage the building structure. As soon as you detect signs of mould, please feel free to contact us. As a certified specialist company for mould and mildew abatement and decontamination, we know what to do.

We eliminate mould and find its cause

Our employees, who are qualified in the mould and mildew abatement and decontamination, not only eliminate mould on the surface, but also look for the causes of mould growth. Of course, we also clean the affected surfaces or remove them where necessary. A final fine cleaning is just as essential during the decontamination as the use of suitable equipment.