Biological decontamination

Disinfection against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens

In some cases, a simple cleaning of rooms not be sufficient, as there is a risk of becoming infected with pathogens. However, professional cleaning and disinfection is necessary not only at crime scenes, accident areas or corpse sites. Also rooms in which a person with a dangerous infectious disease lives, neglected homes, full of garbage and mould must be decontaminated before they can continue to be used. Our team of officially certified disinfectors performs all required disinfections against bacteria, viruses and moulds in accordance with the Federal Act on the Protection against Infection Act (IfSG). So you can be sure to be protected from infection.

Decontamination after plagues and epidemics

Of course, we also carry out disinfections ordered by official channels according to the Protection against Infection Act (formerly Federal Law on Contagious Diseases) We work in public institutions (schools, public authorities), in workplaces or in premises with high risk of infection in use even during epidemics or outbreaks of epidemics or pandemics. We eliminate pathogens such as Noro viruses, Ebola virus, TBC, Hanta viruses, EHEC etc. permanently.