We ensure cleanliness even in serious cases

From glass cleaning to complete disinfection

Of course, we also offer our customers standard building cleaning services. This includes, for instance, the glass cleaning or cleaning of carpets and other furnishing textiles. Furthermore, providing absolute purity where conventional cleaning is not sufficient is our speciality. We are certified in the areas of mould and mildew abatement, crime scene, accident and corpse site cleaning. Apart from that, we are a reliable partner in cases that may seem hopeless – for example, in the cleaning and decontamination of homes in which an excessive number of pets was hoarded or homes whose inhabitants had compulsive hoarding syndrome. We take on the most challenging tasks – please contact us.

Overview of our services

  • Mould and mildew abatement and decontamination (certified)
  • Mould analysis and laboratory tests

  • Crime scene, accident and corpse site cleaning (certified)

  • Disinfection and biological decontamination (officially certified)

  • Professional disposal of contaminated objects according to Protection against Infection Act (IfSG)

  • Cleaning of homes after animal hoarding / compulsive hoarding syndrome

  • Air cleaning / odour neutralization / air cleaning and disinfection

  • Cleaning of furnishing textiles (carpet, upholstery, curtains)

  • Cleaning after wastewater damage

  • Glass and window cleaning (also private)

  • Terrace preparation

  • Special cleaning

  • Ozone treatments

  • Clearing out (in conjunction with other services)

  • Help with mildew in the vehicle

Crime scene cleaning

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Mould and mildew abatement

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